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Welcome to the 'THINGS TO DO!' bit!

Here you'll find a few downloads designed to get your imagination thumping and creativity wandering in strange or just slightly odd directions - that's the beauty of it - it's all up to YOU!

So have a go - download the drawing sheets and follow this simple advice: 'Don't go draw the first thing you think of! Think a little harder about how you can stretch that first thought further! And remember, everything you draw tells a story, so the more you add, the bigger your story will get!

And of course you can download and print these sheets out as many times as you like (probably seek technically costs more than oil!).

Feel free to email me your creations and i'll feel free to figure out a way to maybe display them online we both have little projects, don't we!

This Science whizz has invented something...


Well - that's where you come in - click the image to download a printable PDF and get drawing!

'Little Batman' (why? I like Batman...and he looks cute all little and scared!...anyway...) 'Little Batman' is being chased by SOMETHING!


Once again - it's up to you! Click the image to download the PDF and get on with it!


But WHO's?!

Well - obviously that's up to you

to fill those shoes...are they worn by one or two?

(It's up to you!)

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